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Salem Hill News & Announcements
last update 11/20/2014

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Ordering the New Album!!

The release date is upon us! We hope you will order the new album and give us some feedback after spinning it a couple times! You can order the album from online favorite sites such as Kinesis or Syn-Phonic. If you are ordering from Europe, you can check out Just for Kicks Music. If you wish to order directly from the band, you can. However, the method has recently changed. If you wish to order directly from the band, we are only accepting orders through PayPal. To order, log on to your PayPal account and send $15.00 to account "". If you are ordering from anywhere outside of the United States, the price is $20.00. That is because the US Post Office recently doubled shipping costs overseas. In your PayPal order, make sure to list the album you want to purchase and your complete mailing address. In addition to the new album, "The Unseen Cord / Thicker Than Water", you can still order CDs from our back catalogue such as "Pennies in the Karma Jar", "Mimi's Magic Moment" and "Be", as well as our live DVD "Mystery Loves Company" for the same $15/$20 pricing. Enjoy!

New Album Title and News!!

The new album's title is "The Unseen Cord" and "Thicker Than Water". Which one? Yes. This album, all 70+ minutes of it requires two titles. So you will literally have two album covers--one of which you can see on the site now (Thanks Missy!). The other cover is found when you open the disc. We have the discs replicated and in our possession. We've shipped out the first batch to our GoFundMe contributors and to distributors who have always been great about carrying Salem Hill music. So on 11/21/14, you can order from any reputable progressive rock online CD dealer. In the next few days, we'll be creating a page about the songs on the album. For while lyrics and thanks are included in the CD liner notes, there are some cool stories which need telling. Plus, there are so, so many different tracks on this album (each song needed, on average, about 50 individual tracks), we want you to know who did what. Be looking for it. And make sure to order your copy on 11/21/14!

Album Update and Funding Request!!

Greetings and genuflections! So we find ourselves here in early Sept with the bulk of the album recorded--and paid for (which is always a good thing). But we are faced with the upcoming costs of mastering and replication. And that's where YOU come in! We see several of our musical heroes using crowdfunding sources to start/complete their projects. As an indie band, we get it. So, we've set up a crowdfunding page called Salem Hill's GoFundMe site. We've created different "reward" levels, depending on what you're willing to send us. This ranges from simply paying the price of the CD (15 USD) to other swag depending on the level of your gift, up to even getting us to write you a custom composition! So click on the link and help us finish this monster!

News About the New Album!

So October 21st is around the corner and 5 months ago, we threw that date out there with gusto and bravado...and we intend to deliver! Rhythm tracks are done as are several vocal tracks and quite a few keyboard and guitar solo workings. It is shaping up to be our best. Seriously. If you loved the debut and/or Different Worlds for their quirkiness, you'll groove on this one. I give you "Happy Hands", an instrumental in 7 with Hammond, grungy bass and...VIBES! Yep, vibes. If you liked Catatonia and The Robbery of Murder for the stories and the emotional impact, you'll groove on this one. We're dealing with some pretty weighty issues on a couple of tracks, one of them currently clocking in at about 28 minutes. If you like the pomposity of Not Everybody's Gold, we flex our prog chops on...well...every flippin' track on this album. There are some particularly gnarly sections in a song called "Sing On" and in the aforementioned epic. You like the bite of Be? Crunch guitar carries the 8 minute rocker, "This May Hurt More." Pining for the lush keyboard flavoring of Mimi's Magic Moment? We gotcha. A beautiful Yamaha C7 acoustic grand piano, Wurlitzer electric piano and Mellotron prominently flavor the song, "Float". You want the thick vocals and enchanting melodies of "Pennies in the Karma Jar"? We deliver. Every song. If we sound braggadocious, it's only because this one is special.

We will start taking pre-orders in mid September. Exploring using Kickstarter. Check in with us. You will NOT be disappointed! And, as always, we genuflect to you all!

2014 Album? No way! Oh yes. Way!

Oh you Peculiar People! You've waited patiently. And to reward your patience, we are pleased to announce an actual release date. As you all know--and as many of you have reminded us throughout the years--we aren't terribly faithful when it comes to making our release deadlines. But this album is different. We've actually got so much confidence in bringing it in on time, we're giving you the release date of...(what for it)...October 21st, 2014! No title yet, but we'll keep you posted on all the important info--pre-sale, song titles, *possible* audio snippets, etc. Thanks for hanging in there. We genuflect to you all!

New News!!

Greetings and genuflections! Couple things we want to let you guys and gals know about. First of all, Carl is indeed doing some work with fellow Tennessee proggers, Glass Hammer. He's co-written several tracks on their new album, "Ode to Echo". Carl will also be doing several shows with them this spring, including the Moody Blues Cruise in April, and co-headlining the Terra Incognita Festival in Canada in May. But what about new Salem Hill news?

First off, the website. Yes, we will make some changes...probably a lot of streamlining. We've already removed the commerce section. So buying music directly from us will probably be a thing of the past. Just too many headaches. We'll keep you posted on the vendors we recommend. We will also very reluctantly be testing the waters of offering downloads from the site. However, at least one member of the group thinks that mp3s are proof that Satan is alive and well, so there will likely be heated debate before mp3s start appearing here.

Catatonia Live. It's a great album. It was a great weekend. The audio is superb. The video is superb. Mike and Carl actually watched the finished product last week. But releasing either is probably not going to happen this year. If we do release them, it will likely be a free download down the road and/or a series of video teasers on youtube. For those of you who were at the performance(s), we know it was a special weekend. The video/audio doesn't lie. We just don't feel that now is the time to release it. But we will. Eventually.

And finally, the new album. Yep. It's gonna happen. Tracking has started and the writing process is progressing rather nicely. We've never released a summer album. Ever. It's always been spring or fall. We're shooting for summer. But not only have we never released a summer album...we've also never released an album on time. Cross your fingers for a first!

New Album for 2014 is a reality!!

Long time, no news. Sorry 'bout that. As many of you know, we were just starting to get going on more of a fervent pace for another album when two of Carl's daughters were in a serious car accident. Things are now okay, but it put a sudden end to what we'd all been planning/discussing. Like the holy prophet John Lennon, sang, "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." Uh-huh.

But life does, eventually, go on, eh? So here we are much farther past our last release than we anticipated we'd be with the "Pennies" follow-up, but we are here nonetheless. And what can you expect on this next album? Only all of the chocolatey goodness you've always gotten from us! Seriously, tho, this album is shaping up to be the most emotionally poignant work we've done since "The Robbery of Murder". Mike has written a song which makes Carl cry. Carl has written a song so fast he can't yet actually play it up to speed. There's a song about Karen Carpenter. And there's a song about leaping to one's death. So yeah, all the chocolatey goodness you've come to expect from us! And, as always, we genuflect to you all!

Salem Hill 2011 News!!

It's been more than 6 months since we released "Pennies in the Karma Jar" (PIKJ). Much to our surprise and glee, folks hadn't forgotten us, and it has equalled sales of "Mimi's Magic Moment"! As such, SH is pleased to announce we're in the plotting stages for a new album. Almost beyond belief, we're all fairly agreed on what it should be and which way it should go. Miraculous!

We've also been working with a wonderful graphic artist on the footage from "Hillionaire's Weekend 2". As many of you may remember, this was the weekend in which we performed "Catatonia" in its entirety. We also performed 6 "non-Cat" songs, including an early incarnation of "Glimpses" which grew to become the closing track of the "Pennies" album. So far the footage looks fantastic. Audio is pristine. As far as promising a release, we aren't there yet. Most likely, because of the *ahem* performance of our first DVD, "Mystery Loves Company", we will probably make the "Catatonia Live" DVD available as a package deal with...? We'll make sure it's cool, regardless. And, as always, we genuflect to you all!

To give a little bit of a buzz push for the new release, the Lazarus Group has asked Michael and Carl some rather serious questions which have been assembled into a tidy little interview for you if you click HERE!

New Salem Hill Merchandise!

We've added a new link up in the menu bar entitled "Buy Other SH Stuff". This is the place you can go to buy apparel, vehicle adornment, etc. Of course, if you're wanting to buy Salem Hill music, you'll still need to click on the "Buy SH Music" link. Ordering is and has always been, perfectly secure. So go do some browsing!

Salem Hill's "Be" named ALBUM OF THE YEAR in National Review Online!

Much to our shock and delight, Salem Hill's "Be" has been named as album of the year in National Review Online magazine. Humbling and breathtaking, yes. But just downright awesome considering the company we're keeping in the other 9 artists of Mr. Karnick's top 10 list. Check it out by clicking HERE

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